Sunday, 29 May 2011


Over on Keith's blog a while back he asked for suggestions for new projects/approaches and I suggested speed drawing...for example drawing people on the platform whilst your train stops at a station.  He duly rose to the challenge, whilst I realise I really haven't put my money where my mouth is.  There was also some debate further down the line (no pun..) about the nature of drawing, and what your scribbles mean to the scribbler and the viewer and why.  Here's (by my reckoning) a 15 second drawing done whilst my friend was paying for and returning from the bar with her coffee.  I'm really pleased with this because with the minimum information I can now call to mind the guy's pose, what he was doing even perhaps his mood.  I've got no idea if this is just because I did it though...may mean bugger all to anyone else!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Sorry to have been away a while again folks - I am currently frantically scribbling for a job (usual rules apply and I can't show you any of it!).  In the meantime here's a study sketch I did the other day that I quite like. Karisma pencils on Chartwell Lab Book paper possibly more satisfying than drawing on bananaskin with a biro. Watercolour pretty satisfying can see the moment I realised these things fairly early on in this (fairly battered now) sketchbook....

Thursday, 19 May 2011

A little bitta fun..

I recently contributed to a game of online consequences that was started by Frances Cony on the South West Illustrators was a bit of a rush job but i quite like it.... hopefully it'll take off!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mel's Stuff again!

Hey all, just to say Mel's finally got a Folksy site where you can buy goodies with her lovely designs on.  Annoyingly she's made her first couple of sales within minutes of it going live (no mums or close friends were prewarned neither) so she will likely be unbearable when she gets back from work!  Do check it out - her stuff is ace -abd  if you like it there'll be more where that came from soon...  Now tell your friends!