Sunday, 11 January 2015

Snickety snick!

Hello all!  Having had one of our mates teach him the rudiments with a plastic lightsaber, my son has taken to fencing.  Whenever we've had a spare Saturday we've taken him down to White Eagles Fencing club in Bristol, which is (without wanting to be too effusive as they may be about to read this!) a really nice club.

This week I finally got round to taking my sketchbook too.  I was quite pleased with the results, enhanced you'll agree by the paisley tablecloth.

You'll perhaps note that quite a lot of these poses look quite sedate..this is because I've yet to work out a way to draw quick enough to capture what's going on when they really get into it.  Ambition for next visit is to work on lunges! 

I should also point out that the spread below isn't of a kid pointing their sabre at someone who has theirs lowered (which is surely a no-no)..they're two separate pictures

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