Saturday, 16 January 2010

Right then....

Phew, feeling better now! Just finished a job I've been working all year on which helps too.
Any way the plan with this blog is to give a home to all the nice scribbles, pet projects and half formed ideas that haven't got a place in my regular portfolio (I'm running out of drawer space for them too). So that'll be doodles etc as they happen, as well as older pics when I'm feeling lazy! Which I am now, so here's an oldy! This one I did last year, and comes from a quick sketch of a bloke I saw on a Michael Palin travel thingy (he was in a bazaar in Turkey or somewhere). Promise to be less slack tomorrow.....

Friday, 15 January 2010


Look Mum I'm blogging! I've been inspired by my good friend Lauren Tobia to get meself on the bloggomejig (apparantly it's what all the kids are doing)- now I'm here it's like trying to think of what to say after a gulp from that helium. So a squeaky hello from my desk, and er, here's a pic from my desk, and um, more tomorrow when I've calmed down!