Friday, 26 August 2011

Field notes..

A little page from my field sketchbook.  Recently had to do some research (scribbling) at Durham Cathedral.  There are some some lovely Norman illustrations in the cloisters there chronicling the life and times of St Cuthbert (the cathedral was built to house his shrine).  Reading up on it, it seems his sainthood is pretty much down to the devout way he lived his life, and exemplary services to Christianity.  You've got to have a couple of miracles's one that tickled me.  I tried to copy the expression as accurately as possible.

I can thoroughly recommend a trip to Durham by the way, it's a beautiful place.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Cancelled due to lack of interest (it was just a page of me drawing the same nose over and over again - ah the sad world of the half arsed perfectionist!).  But replaced with something far nicer.  My daughter did this the other day, and there is nothing about it I don't like.  It is a goblin dressed as a fairy by the way, and before any of you think of ripping that gorgeous idea off, I am way ahead of you!  I have started with the nose...

Monday, 22 August 2011

A taste of the border..

As you may have figured I've been a tad busy of late.  I'll show y'all the results when I'm allowed to, but in the meantime here's a scribble that I did in the border of the page I'm working on.  Tomorrow, World of Noses!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Train Doodles

Greetings friends - long time no see with usual apologies and excuses.  All work and no play has done level best to make Sam a dull boy, but not quite there yet (hopefully!).  Anyhoo, some sketches from a train trip I took yesterday.  Had a go at the 'drawing people from a glimpse' thing that I recommended Keith (sorry about that mate!) with mixed results, and as you can see doodling and the odd pretentious scribble took over!

Then I got the chance to draw this chap, and it might be one of my favourite sketches to date.  Obviously I know nothing about this guy, but he seemed genuinely thrilled to be on a train, so I really enjoyed drawing him.  I think he rumbled me too, but was enjoying the view out the window so much that he wasn't bothered.