Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Green Man sketchbook

Ahh Green Man 14. Lets be honest...I was too busy on the move and having fun, (and of course frantically leading people round telling them they should be drawing - see last post!) to think of drawing myself for most of the festival.
But then on Sunday that lovely relaxed feeling came upon me, thanks almost entirely to The Gentle Good  and a nice burst of early afternoon sun, and I got a Sunday scribble on.  Here be what I did...

So here are the Gentle Good..dammit their music was beautiful, and that combined with the fact I was sat in the Walled Garden on lovely day with my favourite people by my side was kinda heady...I'll confess to nearly blubbing.

Added to the list of new favourite musicians. And then I saw one my all time favourite musicians stood by the front of the stage (least I'm pretty sure).  I was so excited I did a crap drawing of him...

Then I turned around for a quick sketch of festival peeps doing the Sunday afternoon thing. I should just say hats off for the fact that where you'd normally expect a sea of them I hardly saw anyone holding up a phone during any of the gigs I saw.  There is hope for us yet...:)

Then off we went though Einstein's Garden...which, quite aside from the fact that they asked me to work with them was probably my favourite area of the festival - I learnt so much from people who really love what they're talking about.  Here's a guy from Dig For Daiphyses, who I spent lots of time talking to ...no wait a minute I could have structured that sentence better couldn't I...

I can't mention Einstein's Garden without mentioning Poco Drom - they played every day around the same time as I was doing the SketchCrawl and were ace. I will now need some form of hypnotherapy I think though to stop me singing about monkeys living in my shoe .

 Then to Green Man Rising to draw a mystery band - only in that I failed to write down who they were.  Let me know if this was you!

Now the main stage to have my brains blown out by Anna Calvi.  Really failed to capture the fury of that performance...bloody amazing.  I would imagine quite a few people were suspiciously non-commital when talking about it with their significant others too...

One final pic, which I actually did first thing on Saturday morning when the little buggers woke me up unnaturally early. I went for a walk around a near deserted festival site with my sprogs - this is them drawing in my daughter's favourite spot under the tree by the pond by the Green Man Rising stage.

No-one likes a festival bore so I'll stop going on about it except to say thanks to everyone who made that festival happen as it was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.  I hope to be back next year, with a mission to scribble as many bands as I can and colour them in.  In the meantime if you were (or weren't) on one of my SketchCrawls I'd love to see what you drew over the weekend - please tweet them to me @samchurch_ink and or @EinsteinsGarden #sketchcrawl

Monday, 18 August 2014

Green Man 14 SketchCrawl

This year I was super chuffed to be invited to lead a 1 hour SketchCrawl (like a pub crawl but with no pubs and drawing instead of beer!) each day at the Green Man Festival...specifically round the fascinating and beautiful area of Einstein's Garden.  It would have been churlish to say no.

Hats firmly off to everyone who joined me, to the Einstein's Garden team , well, to Green Man as a whole.  You're all lovely, and I had one of the best weekends I can remember - thank you!

Anyone can organise or join in on a SketchCrawl by the way- to find out more look here: http://www.sketchcrawl.com