Saturday, 30 June 2012


Yesterday I decided to take a day off.
Now cos I can't totally leave work alone, I went first thing and put the finishing touches to a 'Pin the Tail on The Discosaur' ready for use in the zoo's Dino Party Room this's proper daft (more on this when I have some snaps), and it didn't really feel like work.

The rest of my day revolved around buying and trying out watercolour pencils (finished work good/ location sketching bad) whilst drinking coffee, then falling asleep under a tree, then doing some walking and sketching

Due to recent storms there are still a lot of branches lying about.  By far the most interesting at a glance  is a huge branch from a willow tree, which twists and curls like smoke - I've been meaning to draw it for ages.  Not sure this is a spectator sport, but what the hey - I thoroughly enjoyed myself doing these!
My local park has some lovely trees in it, so I plan to do some more sketching there, although the next chance I get I may have to do some work overcoming my greatest artistic bete noire - the horse.

Monday, 18 June 2012

A Little Bit Bunny

A while back now I joined an ace blog called "A Little Bit Bunny": it's pretty simple ... each month a different animal is picked and the illustrators involved submit a picture to do with that animal. I have been meaning to add something to the site forever.... I think I got round to it before the road to hell was fully paved!  Here's one of 'em - for the other you'll need to Bunny it up!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

More dinosaurs!

These (and the recent maracca shaking Steg) are from a raft of pics I did for Bristol Zoo's kids party extra fun zoo job as it allowed the pictures to be as bold and silly as I liked (no-one could complain that the partying dinosaurs aren't 'accurate'!!).  Suggested names to the usual place.  Please note that i have already dibbsed 'Discostuosaurus'.