Monday, 26 April 2010

Lazy lazy Sam!

Went to the London Book Fair last week to peddle me wares, which was by turns fun and scarey (Earl's Court very big). Here're some of my wares! Yes yes, I will do some new work soon.


Richard Collingridge said...

Was good to meet you too (at the fair)....Haven't had a chance to to check out 'Faeries' yet as had pretty crazy busy weekend! - am back in france now so will head to the whsmiths in the centre as soon as i can to take a look!
The book that i wanted you to look at is called 'tales from the perilous realm' by tolkien and illustrated by alan lee! (also check out the cover of 'children of hurin' by tolkien)
Did you take part part in the bristol drawing club thing? i think one of my best best mates from uni co-set it up..have lost touch with her recently but it looks quite interesting!


p.s. dont worry about ranting too much, i always do that, usually no one else can get a word in, so you did pretty well!

littlemithi said...

Hey there Sam ... nice to meet you yesterday :) And thanks for your comment over at my blog ! I love your work ... that Tiger! I LUUUUVE it! Whats it for? I have a tiger fetish (having been born in the year of the tiger and coming from Bangladesh wher the Tiger is the natinal emblem ...). One day I'm going to start a tiger art themed blog .. oh yes ... one day ...

Sam Church said...

Hey Mithi -
Glad you like it! The tiger's from a pet project which one day I'm going to finish (oh day!) - kind of the reverse to Judith Kerr's 'The Tiger That Came to Tea'. Essentially it's a tiger coming round to our house for tea and not liking anything that's put in front of him. Do you think I can call it 'The Tiger who Came for Lunch' and not get sued?
In the meantime if I draw any more tigers you'll be the first to know..