Saturday, 4 September 2010

Day out in Bristol

Went to town today, ostensibly to sketch Bristol landmarks for a "Weyhey - it's Bristol!" type commission. Quickly decided that that is what cameras are for and started drawing people instead.

It was a good day for buskers - this guy was playing some really lovely blues/slide guitar. He also had really cool boots - maybe that's why noone was giving him any money (well if he can afford nice boots..). Tight buggers. Later in the day there was a guy getting amazing sounds out of what looked to be an upturned wok - but I was too knackered to draw by this point, and he looked a bit serious.

The next one is straight out of Howards Way - sat outside a pub by the marina drawing marina types. Nearly rumbled several times by kids coming up and shouting 'Look he's drawing those people!' PS answers on a postcard as to what it is in the foreground...


Zoo said...

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Sam Church said...

Glad to be of service ( although can't guarantee those guys will still be there if you visit!)