Saturday, 9 October 2010

Spike Island Big Draw

He he! Just got back from the Big Draw event put on at Spike Island by Bristol Drawing Club - it was ace! Hoping someone took some decent pics as there was some killer drawing going on by all involved -props particularly to the Brillustration bunch, and all honorary child members! Here is my favourite picture from today - it is the sun getting in a huff and going on holiday (copyright of my boy).


A Productions Ltd said...


Sam Church said...

No kidding, my kids properly put me to shame! I'd give my eye teeth (whatever that means..) to get a photo of the pic he did of the giant dragon peeing on the King of the Baddies - who in turn was dishing out some kind of hard time to the King of the Goodies (not referring to Bill Oddie by the way!)

A Productions Ltd said...

is it not high teeth?

A Productions Ltd said...

ah apparently both, and also hind teeth.

Sam Church said...

Wooo that was nearly a heated debate! I always thought it was 'eye teeth', but then there was a little while when I thought Bob Dylan wrote a song called 'Hamish the Tangerine Man'.
Regardless of which is the correct wording, I still haven't a clue where it comes from. If in doubt though you're normally fairly safe assuming it has links with either:

a) Shakespeare
b) seafaring
c) execution/general slaying techniques or
d) the pox...

Every time someone has explained to me 'that won't get the cat a new pair of pyjamas' or suchlike it has been one of these to blame without fail.

June said...

I love that picture by your son. I hope the sun returns from holiday feeling happier soon... I am fed up with grey skies!

PS Along the lines of 'eye teeth or High teeth' ...My Great Nephew recently said he was "scared to deaf." The expression should actually be "scared to death"!
I blame the Bristolian accent :)