Friday, 11 February 2011

More scribbling fun at Bristol Drawing Club

Went to a Bristol Drawing Club do at the Royal West of England Academy last weekend. I was in a proper grumps before going but I cheered up pretty quick. Me and this kid dutifully started off the scribbling on the big blank drawing wall...The walls of the RWA have loads of classical themes on the walls which I perloined when lacking ideas. Big thanks to whoever added this guy's little friend after I left! All photos are by ( and copyright of) the talented Max McClure by the way...see more of the day's scribbling on the BDC blog. I'll add some more of my sketches when I find em!


Keith said...

Every time you post stuff from the drawing club I get very jealous. Not so many artistic opportunities in Borehamwood !

Sam Church said...

Hey it works both ways - I go primarily cos i don't get to draw people out and about as much as I'd like... so every time I see a sketch you've done out and about there's a little bit of me that's a tad envious!

Anyway, i'm gonna make it worse I'm afraid - light on content today so I'll be putting up a Drawing Club sketches from last week. Ain't I a shtinkah!

Keith said...

Hey. Wanna see 'em all.

The verification word was ENDIT. Is the Universe talking to me ? On Valentine's day ?