Monday, 25 April 2011

A day at the beach

Went with the family to Clevedon yesterday and had an ace time - only managed to find a little time for sketching.  Bit of a paradox here with the sketches - the beach was full splashing and shouting and running and general good times.  As a result I did loads of half sketches of people on the move that'll mean nothing to anyone but me...the only ones I got anywhere near finished were ones of people standing still (and often out of context) - these look kinda melancholy which is completely misleading!

Ah well you live and learn - I'm off to empty the sand out of my shoes...

PS - I may have to take a slight leave from the blog until I've done something colourful - there's been a bity of a run on the B&W!!


Anonymous said...

Good job. Drawing people moving is hard, especially on the beach.

Sam Church said...

Hi Novice artist - Glad you like the last few scribbles, and thanks for checking in. Happy drawing to you too- keep up the good work..