Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Life drawing at The Tobacco Factory

As any fool knows, if you are to draw cartoon lions with any degree of competence, it is essential that you first develop a decent understanding of the human form..namely by going to lifedrawing sessions.

Now for the record I had got a bit bored of lifedrawing.  Poses seemed to be the same wherever I went (Hand on hip...check.  Hands on head...check.  Sat on floor with head on knee....and so on) and they didn't seem to relate to things people actually do (eg interact with the world around them).  So I was a tad sceptical when I first went to the Tobacco Factory to do their class...but hats off - it's ace!!
Michelle Cioccoloni who organises it actually seems to think about what she gets the models to do and why - she brings in ref pictures to give people inspiration;  the models often lean on things, pull ropes etc to show muscle tension and balance, and wear clothes or are draped in fabric so you can see how material hangs/folds.

I've included a couple of pictures from Monday's session...I have chosen the ones least likely to make your granny blush!


Anonymous said...

Impressive blog, I thought you were a zookeeper? Great pics from the life class. Have added link to your blog from mine take a look, some life there too. Do the same if you think I won't lower the tone.

Keith said...

Fab drawing. Has echos of Van Gogh about it, in the line quality. And the ink wash fabric draped over the stool is sublime.

I freaking LOVE life drawing and don't get the chance to do it these days. Another reason to be jealous of your artistic life in Bristol.

I once gave my Grandfather a life drawing of mine as a present, and my Nan insisted, without reasoning, I take it back. So I have already done the blushing septuagenarian thing.

Sam Church said...

First up - Hi Ian, and the tone has been duly lowered! That's a fine blog and I'll add you to my public reading list.

And Hi Keith....many thanks, and re your granny/ lifedrawing experiences....ouch!