Sunday, 18 November 2012

Movember field report

A quick field sketch of a guy who walked past me in the bar earlier - rocking a quality mo, but he didn't seem to have quite settled into it yet and was looking slightly defensive.  Not that I am one to talk - I alas am prevented from growing a full on mo by a rare genetic condition that causes my moustache to grow ginger whilst the rest of my hair is dull brown...makes me look like an 80 a day roll-up smoker, and stops my other half from talking to me.


Lou Archell said...

haha! Although I dunno whats wrong with a ginger mo/beard! I live with one!

Sam Church said...

Oh god I've done it now. I would just like to reaffirm that there is nowt wrong with a ginger tache or indeed beard, working together in beautiful harmony. It's even fine if your hair is a different colour Residents of Southville have commented on the mismatch between my face furniture and coiffure (those two girls who shouted 'hair freak' at me that time), but for the most part I'm sure all can agree I carry it with a certain finesse. But with just the tache I look like Ian Beale. If you're Ian Beale I'd like to stress that that's fine too.

Keith said...

Just go with your mo flow mojo.

I am currently growing mine long enough to curl up the ends like a Victorian Villain. But it won't last, it's the most labour intensive thing imaginable. And who has time for that when there are orphans to evict into the snow !?