Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Face time

Helloo again - here comes a bit of filler!  Went to the Tobacco factory Life Drawing thingy on Monday (having got back from a weekend roasting myself in Cornwall just minutes before...keeping it real people..), which this week was a straight portraiture session. 
I quite like this one, although if anything it's a bit wishy washy - loyal readers'll know I kinda like the spontaneousdrawquicklywithapenandforgodssakedontthinkaboutit approach, but on this occasion well...I didn't have the minerals.
By the way, for a killer example of quick pen drawings of people, can I thoroughly recommend Tom Plant's latest blog post - it's proper!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Zooage and Sewage!

Variety is the spice of life.  This week I have done a fun but slightly odd poster for a Bristol Zoo sponsored walk...
... and been informed that I will shortly be receiving copies of a book about (hem hem) plop that I did the cover for some time back for the nice folks at A&C Black....

To round it off I have just completed a surreal Department Store scene (aren't all Dept Store scenes surreal..just slightly?) for an American kids' magazine - more when it's published, but rest assured there will be bears...

And finally apologies to all those waiting for their latest slice of pen nerdery.  I have all the ingredients in place for my ink making jaunt, except perhaps all the oak galls.  They are in my local oak tree in abundance, but I was having pangs of guilt about boiling them up before the tenants had left..wasps that is, I don't have lodgers... There will be an update soon!