Monday, 14 October 2013

Mo Live drawing!!

As I'm nothing if quick off the mark - here's some news about the cracking night I had, er, last Tuesday at  Movember 13's launch night at Koko in Camden!

I've gobbed off about Movember very recently, but I'll do it again...last year they raised (if memory serves) £92 million worldwide to raise awareness and fund research into Prostate and Testicular Cancer, and are now focussing their attentions on mental health as well...can't be bad.  So I was proud to boot on down to London (along with regular partner in crime Lauren Tobia) to be one for the artists doing live Gallery of Mo portraits for their launch night.

Before I go on, I have to confess to robbing many of these photos from GAllery of Mo's facebook page - check them all HERE!   The rest come from Lauren Tobia - click here! YOU CAN GET A MOTRAIT DONE OR OFFER YOUR ARTISTIC SERVICES HERE:

So back to it - There were a lot of VERY talented artists working peddle to the metal, but still (and quite rightly!) the queues were mahoosive.  So armed with pocket sketchbooks me and Lauren decided to entertain the waiting punters with speedy be-tached mug shots.  As you can see I also entertained them by looking like Bez with a sketchbook.
See what I mean...

I have a World's End Moment 
The Gallery of Mo crew did an ace job of running it all in the face of big crowds and deafening metal (thanks to house band Obey).

They also gave us beer and a T Shirt...

Lauren getting deep with her purpose...

Some satisfied (or at least not angry!) customers posing with me squiggles.
I have slight unfinished business, in that I didn't get to do any 'big' pics.  Bring on November 30th then - Bristol's Movember Gala night!


Keith said...

Yo, Go with the flo Mo bro.

Do I sound 'street' enough there ?

Sam Church said...

Word Keith, yes that comment was well sick. To be honest I wouldn't have clue what's street or not - recently laughed out of the office at day job for referring to a young colleagues' portable whatever the fun it was device as 'a walkman'. HAve decided I will soon be settling on a cardigan colour i like and sticking with that for the rest of my life.

Sam Church said...
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