Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mel's Stuff again!

Hey all, just to say Mel's finally got a Folksy site where you can buy goodies with her lovely designs on.  Annoyingly she's made her first couple of sales within minutes of it going live (no mums or close friends were prewarned neither) so she will likely be unbearable when she gets back from work!  Do check it out - her stuff is ace -abd  if you like it there'll be more where that came from soon...  Now tell your friends!


Patrick Leyendecker said...

like your work, you have a cool interesting style.

Sam Church said...

Hi Patrick, and many thanks - although this post is of my girlfriend's stuff not mine! Whether it's my stuff you like, or Mel's (or both) I'm really glad you like it! Checked(and am now following) your blog too and I really like your paintings (they kinda go bang!)