Sunday, 29 May 2011


Over on Keith's blog a while back he asked for suggestions for new projects/approaches and I suggested speed drawing...for example drawing people on the platform whilst your train stops at a station.  He duly rose to the challenge, whilst I realise I really haven't put my money where my mouth is.  There was also some debate further down the line (no pun..) about the nature of drawing, and what your scribbles mean to the scribbler and the viewer and why.  Here's (by my reckoning) a 15 second drawing done whilst my friend was paying for and returning from the bar with her coffee.  I'm really pleased with this because with the minimum information I can now call to mind the guy's pose, what he was doing even perhaps his mood.  I've got no idea if this is just because I did it though...may mean bugger all to anyone else!


Brillustration said...

nice one !

Sam Church said...

Cheers Lauren (just guessing). It was actually you I was waiting for whilst I drew this ...speed of drawing may be down to the chai latte I was tuking into..who knew such a thing existed?

Keith said...

There is a real sense of speed in this one, of energy. I can see you hand zipping over the page.

Like the ears, like how ears seem to make a scribblly block a head. Just that nick of line and you read it so clearly. That little bit of lobe.

It is interesting to see how little you need to tell the story.

Have been pursuing the speed sketch some more. Am going to post some now in response.

The WV was Beakypit, which I know you will appreciate.