Thursday, 30 June 2011

Under the bridge...or the homework my dog ate...

So this is the stuff I left in the car...and after all that really only one sketch actually.  I likes it though.

A bit of background - my favourite place in the whole world at the moment I've decided is just under the swing bridge/by the lock gates in Cumberland Basin.  I cross the lockgates every day I go to work, and often as not that will be the most interesting part of that day.  Both the gates and the bridge are mechanical wonders (the bridge when it swings above your head seems hyper-real), there's the Suspension Bridge in the background, the Bond buildings and then there's the nature side of things - the water, the river banks, the effect the weather has on the place.  It's always different whenever I go there and I love it.

One of my favourite things is when they fill the lock with water to allow boats to pass.  The water goes crazy in a way very hard to describe and, as it turns out, to draw- but I had a go..

Today the plug seemed to have been pulled out..

Funnily enough I was a little late for work...

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Keith said...

Monet had Rouen cathedral. You have under the Cumberland basin. Just as poetic, although maybe a few more crisp packets !