Sunday, 18 July 2010

Blimey - postarama!

I must have found myself with a spare few minutes, as i'm posting my proverbial off! Here're a few from the Birsotl Drawing Club night I mentioned earlier. Check their blog for more..


Keith said...

Makes me wish I lived in Bristol. It's obviously a hotbed of marker pens. Every other blog I come across is from someone in Bristol.

Thanks for you visit and comment. Two thumbs up for daily posting. It can be a bit of a treadmill, just keep chucking them out.

The verification word was SUPENCI, which could be the only way to work out what you are drinking.

Sam Church said...

Cheers Keith-

Bristol ain't bad, although markedly less opportunities for drawing people on the tube..

Will do my best to do the daily blog...
Verification is 'Gowtibac', which is what Noddy Holder always does as soon as he gets on the bus

Richard Collingridge said...

haha..that top picture reminds me of Rolph's cartoon club!

Upstart Thunder said...

I keep meening to come to one of these but I am scared. Help me Sam 0_o