Monday, 19 July 2010

Not the pics I planned to show but as is often the case I can't find the right sketchbook. Absentmindedness is a curse! Any way these are two guys I started drawing at a recent lifedrawing class (it's good to draw peeps drawing as they don't move much - ditto my series of 'People playing Playstation', to follow..) Ta ta..


Keith said...

Like the arm he is leaning on. Love the way people's faces get all mushed up when they do that.

Oh and...

The verification word was FARGY, which, depending on pronunciation, is either the English derivative of the Italian FARFELLA, ( def. a bloke a long way away ) or the street slang abbreviation of lethargic - "Bugger me Chantelle, I ain't half fargy tonight".

( P.S. The Noddy Holder definition was INSPIRED ! )

Richard Collingridge said...

genius...never thought of doing that before! :)