Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Behind the scenes

Alas my friends, the end is near, and so I face etc etc etc.  Opening night is but a couple of nights away, and now that we're into final dress rehearsals I need to leave everyone to it (nothing like the sound of someone dropping their pencil case to put you off your eye gouging scene).  There is no downside to this though - i've loved every second of it, and it's been important to me to milk every second of my remaining time here for all it's worth.

Subsequently I have drawn LIKE A FIEND.  All the pictures you see today and on tomorrow's post were drawn today and yesterday (and you can double what you see if you factor in the really crap ones I've left out!)

Anyway, today's pictures are of the lovely ladies of the costume dept (loosely termed 'department' as I think members of stage management were mucking in too).  

Step out of the auditorium and you're straight into the bar area, which for the last couple of days has been a hive of activity whilst everyone adjusts costumes, sorts hairstyles and occasionally gets deafened by the sound of trumpets and hunting hounds*.

These pictures are slightly misleading as there tended to be at least 3 people round the table at anyone time.

I should mention too that the costumes look chuffing amazing

When it's not full of costumes and people working hard on them (and even when it is) this is the area where the cast hang out when having breaks/waiting to be called..I'm including this picture cos I'm chuffed with it!

* if you play the sound effects super loud in the bar it sounds like distant clamour to the audience in the theatre!

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