Friday, 27 January 2012

My favourite pictures from today

Generally speaking not my best day drawing wise today - but hopefully got a couple of things out of it worth the showing!

This first one is of Paul Brendan as Oswald, during a brief pause in rehearsing the scene in  which he gets called a cullionly barber-monger and suchlike.  Not necessarily the best likeness, but I think it captures the spirit of the moment (a line fluffing or possible sword dropping if I recall...), and it's a nice reminder for me of my probably my favourite scene in the play thus far.....I've seen it a good few times now but it always makes me laugh.

The next is Dudley Sutton, but not such a funny moment - this is from the scene where the Fool give's Lear a dressing down..

And finally my favourite of the day.  I found this on the ground as I was leaving the rehearsal rooms...we had another artist sitting in today, and I believe this is his work.  Nice work young man!


tandaylor said...

mate, that guy in the scarf is ace.

Sam Church said...

Thanks Mr Daylor (whoever you are he he) - glad you like it. I think in future I may try redeeming drawings that are going awry by accessorising - the red scarf works wonders!

Keith said...

I am VERY jealous of you doing this, both in the event and in finding the time to do it.

The whole pose of the swordsman is ACE

And the Word Verification was CABLINGU. which I have heard spoken in a London Taxi many times.