Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wavey line time!

As I mentioned, we're definitely up and about now, and I have to work quickly if I'm to capture anything.  

It's hard admitting to yourself that you're very rarely going to get the nose right under these circumstances, but for every botched nostril I feel I've learnt something else.

The picture above makes me chuckle, and is a good example of what can happen when you're cramming as many pictures on to a page as you can.  I started off drawing Simon Armstrong reclining whilst a scene was being talked through, then next thing I was drawing John Shrapnel raging against it all as Lear.  The juxtaposition kind of makes it look like he's not quite getting his point across!

But I also like it as it (accidentally) sums up the rehearsals for me thus far - there's lots of waiting, lots of discussion, then all of a sudden there's a storm in the room and then it's a tea break. Fantastic!


Frances Cony said...

Hi Sam

It all sounds a really interesting project, getting to watch professional actors rehearsing - although drawing them sounds a bit daunting, and as you say, difficult.

You seem to be doing pretty well to me, who is definitely out of practise at sketching people...especially those annoying moving ones! Although animals also do that too. Won't look at the actors' noses too closely!

You could do a post on the SWILL blog about this project. Nag! Nag!


Sam Church said...

Hi Frances!

Thanks for all the encouragement, and yep i will SWILL it up these evening. I have to make sure I don't sound like I'm moaning about it being difficult- I'm loving every second of it.

And on the animal front i couldn't agree more..I think my nest drawing jaunt will be to Horseworld so I can break my jinx on drawing horses....beautiful but unnecessarily bendy legged buggers that they are!